Frequently Asked Questions

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

The bear comes by bike, or walking if he isn’t hung over. However, if you reside in a lonely desolate place outside our capital, we will send your products by post. PostNL to be more exact. Express delivery is available on request.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

  • Within the Netherlands it will take around 0-2 business days to have your package delivered
  • International deliveries are subject to the delivery terms of our express delivery partner

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

If you have any queries not answered by our site. Just give us a call, send an email or fill out the form here: contact.  Don’t be afraid to shoot. Although we don’t agree with the phrase ‘there are no dumb questions’, because there are. We are still more than willing to answer them if they come our way!

Do You Ship Internationally?

We try to ship every order that comes in to the location specified by you. We require you to cover the shipping costs if the delivery address is outside of the Netherlands

How Can I Return a Product?

Just let us know that you want to return it and why. We’ll make sure to find the right solution. You can find more details on our shipping/returns page

Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope, a guest checkout method is available

How do I place an Order?

Uhmm.. well; you go to products, order as much as you can. Next, go to your cart and you hit the proceed to checkout button. Everything from there should be pretty clear.

If somehow you run into problems, please contact us, and we’ll help you out!

What’s The Coupon Codes Policy?

Coupons are valid for a specified amount of time. If you have one (lucky you), you can input whenever you are at your cart. Have one that isn’t working while you feel it should? Contact us!

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order

Because we try to handle your order the same day, it’s almost impossible to cancel your order after you’ve placed it (that is if payment has gone through). If you’ve payed by credit card, you can cancel it according to your credit card rules. However, if you want to cancel later on, just let us know. We won’t be upset, or maybe a little, but will help you as best as we can. Same goes for changes.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

The complete website is protected through through SSL. Sounds fancy huh? It’s the usual internet security certificate making sure you’re data is protected. So no worries, just go for it.

How Do I Track My Order?

At the moment, you don’t. We’re working on it though.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We provide payments services for iDeal, Mastercard, Visa and bank transfer.. that should be sufficient for now. You can always mail us a check or cash, attached with a friendly note, and we’ll take care of you also.

What makes your boxer shorts so special?

Well let us explain why our boxers are better than any other. First of all our boxers are ‘slim’ fit, which means that they’ll fit your body perfectly and they will not crawl up, this design makes the boxers also perfect for business wearing. We have provided all our boxers with a fully covered fabric waistband. We stitched our logo on the one and only place where the boxer short has two layers; on the fly. This prevents the stitching from irritating your skin. THATS WHY!

What is the difference between the models?

There is no difference between, lets say, the Jack Dicholson and the Copacabana, except for the colour combinations and designs

How do I wash and treat my OHIO BEAR boxer shorts?

It is important to treat your OHIO BEAR boxer shorts with love. Therefore we recommend you to wash your shorts at a temperature of 30º.

Using the tumble dryer is really not recommended. Drying directly in sunlight isn’t either. Just hang ‘m flat out to dry. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

Folding the boxers neatly will go a long way to keep the wrinkles away. In general: treat the boxershort as it treats you! Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have a happy life together.

Where are your products made?

We’ve teamed up with the right supplier who guarantees high quality and high end fashion.  The boxer shorts are designed in Amsterdam and produced in Tunisia. Tunisia is a country with lots of experience in fashion and quality cotton products.

Our Micro Modal boxerbriefs and shorts are produced in a very professional environment in Istanbul, Turkey.

What are the advantages of buying from the BEAR?

We save you time by sending our boxers trough mailbox packages, this means that there is no longer a need to be at home to receive your goods. We save you money because we offer insane prices, you’re not buying a f***ing car so you should also not pay a price which can get you one. We save you stress because you will not have to shop for boxer shorts in busy warehouses. Last but not least; we offer you a membership of the O.B. community. This means that we can send you a number of boxer shorts on a weekly or monthly basis.

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